The kitchen is the most important room in our home where we spent maximum time preparing breakfast, lunches and dinner. It is also a place of family get-together. Kitchen sink is probably the most used part in the kitchen. We wash our fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. in kitchen. After eating our food we again use sink to wash our dishes because everyone is not so fortunate to have one dishwasher in their home.

The Problem of Clogging:

The biggest and frequent problem that one may face in the kitchen is clogged kitchen sink. The main reason of the clogged sink is that people aren’t mindful of what they are throwing down the sink. Kitchen sink takes a great load as we throw anything there like leftover food, oil, vegetable peels and what not? The result is clogged sink very often. ‘Prevention is better than cure,’ we often tell. It means, it is always better that we use sink in such a way that clogged sink never happens. This article will give you a few tips to keep your kitchen sink problem free.


What You Need To Do Daily:

Do not dump vegetable peel, egg shells, coffee beans, etc. in the kitchen. They get stuck in the mouth of the pipe and hinder free passage of water. Throw these items in garbage disposal box.

Do not pour grease in kitchen sink. Some time we pour used oil in the sink thinking that it will go away easily. But, it is not so. It creates a layer inside the pipe dirt stuck there easily and causes the clogging problem. Better pour extra oil in a container and dump it in garbage box.

When you wash your plates and other utensils in the sink be sure that no food items are left in the plates or in the utensils. Before dumping them in the sink remove spices, gravy or leftover food and dump that elsewhere.

A Strainer Can Help:

Fix a strainer in the mouth of kitchen sink drain. This will help to catch even small unwanted particles and will keep your kitchen sink drain clean.


Once Your Cooking is Complete:

After finishing your cooking and other sort of work, daily pour a few glasses of very hot water in the kitchen and it will help to clear out daily grease. A weekly cleaning of kitchen sink with the help of vinegar and baking soda is needed. Pour two tablespoons of baking soda in the sink and after 2-3 minutes pour hot water in the drain. Or pour a cup of vinegar in the kitchen sink and leave it for an hour. Vinegar being acidic will help to clean the accumulated grease. Both items are effective as long as there is no clogging actually. It will only help to prevent clogging.

But what you will do if there is a kitchen clogging?

Do not try to unclog it using different methods. As you have no knowledge on plumbing, you will actually damage the whole thing. Moreover, neither you know the proper use of chemicals sold for unclogging your sink, nor you know the use of plumbing equipment. So it is always better to call a plumber to unclog your kitchen sink.