You may have a dry, cozy and beautiful basement. But do not expect that it will remain the same all the time. As waters always runs from high to low ground, your basements are prone to flooding in normal course. We take the help of sump pump to keep our basement dry. But if the pump does not properly work it may lead to basement flooding. Apart from that, excessive rain in a short-period, excessive melting of accumulated snow may raise the water level of your nearest river or municipal drain and this may lead to basement flooding. Whatever may be the cause, basement flooding is a big problem and this becomes the cause of several damages.


A basement flooding may lead to a great damage to the walls, floors, furniture and other things that are stored inside the basements. To reduce the damage, you have to take the prompt action. Most of the time basement flooding happens when your sump pump do not works properly. So do not waste your time and call an emergency plumber to repair your sump pump. Give your floor, walls and furniture a waterproof coating so that they are not damaged by water easily.


Mold Damage:

The most common damage that basement flooding do is mold damage.We all know that wet environment is the breeding ground of molds. Mold flourishes rapidly in the wet environment. Moulds are dangerous for health especially when you have respiratory problem. It mainly affects babies, children and elderly people. Young people with asthmatic condition and weak immune system are vulnerable to mould damage. Mould also affects your skin. Coming in contact with mould regularly may cause skin rashes or skin irritation. Coming in contact with mould may bring fever, sneezing, a cold and cough, breathing problem and in the long run it may damage your memory.


Damage on Floor and Wall:


Unexpected flooding in your basement can damage your floors and walls. If water remains in your basement for a long time, it can damage your wallpaper and paint. Wall papers become discolored and the gloss of the water is gone when water is accumulated in the floor. The marks of water on the floor and wall become permanent. Water makes wooden flooring cause swelling and padding on the floor and wall if there is any, may turn spongy.


Damage on Furniture and Carpets:


The basement flooding takes a havoc toll on basement furniture. If there is wooden furniture, they swell and will lose their shapes. Water damages color and lacquer coating of furniture and makes it totally unusable. Rust appears on metal furniture and all these things take a poor look. Carpets and rugs are the first things that get damage from basement flooding. Molds and fungus grow on carpet and the carpets torn of easily.


Causes Bad Odor:

Accumulation of water in a closed place like the basement creates bad odor in it. It may be due to mold or mildew growth. This odor is so strong that it takes time and lots of care to get rid of it.


So, basement flooding is really a big plumbing problem and take quick steps to get rid of it.